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[80s Flashback] Silverhawks (1986)

Is it right that a 1980s children’s cartoon should have such an awesome opening theme?

I mean, there’s a cyborg cowboy playing a guitar solo. It’s right there.

1986’s Silverhawks was kind of a space-based answer to ThunderCats, and was actually created by the same company – Rankin/Bass Productions. I can’t say if I ever actually saw an episode of it back then, but I highlight it in today’s Flashback Friday for one very specific reason.

The show’s main villain, Mon*Star, was the first action figure I ever owned. He’s completely red, clad in some kind of chunky robot armor with spikes on his shoulders. He wears a patch over one of his eyes, with a bright star on it. And on the figure, if you squeeze his legs, his chest opens up and his face flips – showing him wearing a menacing spiked helmet.

Oh, and he has a hawk that perches on his arm, named Sky Shadow.

Something like that would be considered cheesy, these days. But everything about Silverhawks just reeks of the 1980s.

The show would go on to run 65 episodes.

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