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Atomic LagoonAtomic Lagoon


Founder and editor-in-chief of Atomic Lagoon. Spends his time changing aquarium water, feeding cats, and watching old monster movies in 3D.
    Godzilla looms over a destroyed city Godzilla looms over a destroyed city


    Warner Bros. and Legendary sent out a press release today sharing a few details on Godzilla’s next U.S. feature, which looks to bring in a...

    Seven Sisters title card Seven Sisters title card


    A dystopian world with a one-child-only policy makes things a bit complicated for the guy who just had septuplets. Noomi Rapace stars in Seven...

    The Black Gloves Kickstarter 2017 The Black Gloves Kickstarter 2017


    Here’s an interesting Kickstarter project I saw floating around over at r/Horror. It’s a feature called The Black Gloves, a 1940s film noir-style horror involving...

    Kong: Skull Island Kong: Skull Island


    Walking into the theater to see Kong: Skull Island, I had no idea I was about to watch a “period film.” I’d seen glimpses...

    IT (2017) Teaser Trailer IT (2017) Teaser Trailer


    Warner Bros. Pictures have given us the first official teaser trailer for IT (2017), a theatrical re-imagining of the original 1986 Stephen King horror...

    The crew from Silverhawks The crew from Silverhawks


    Is it right that a 1980s children’s cartoon should have such an awesome opening theme? I mean, there’s a cyborg cowboy playing a guitar...

    Life (2017) Title Card Life (2017) Title Card


    “Are you bringing the alien back to Earth?” she asks. Why do I get the feeling things won’t end so well for us planet...

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