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Compound Fracture Gets New Work-In-Progress Gameplay Teaser

Austin Schaeffer, Cyrus Byrd, and Pete Goodfellow have shared new gameplay footage from their upcoming survival horror game Compound Fracture.

“Compound Fracture is an action survival horror game. Fast reflexes are required to neutralize prehistoric threats waiting around every corner. Set aside your fear, gather your supplies, and get to work.”

The game is inspired by the PS1 era, described as a “linear FPS” in the vein of many of the old classics. Players will explore the “overgrown ruins of a prehistoric compound” as they fight off dinosaurs and try to survive, all to the beat of a groovy retro soundtrack.

The preview here also shows off some Optional Graphics Settings for those who perhaps aren’t as nostalgic for Playstation polygon jitter. But I am!

Compound Fracture is currently listed as ‘Coming Soon’ on Steam.

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