Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Gets New Trailer, Launch Date, and Male Viera?

By (@AtomicLagoon) | Video Games | May 14, 2021 at 10:10 pm

During this year’s digital Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival, director Yoshi P revealed that the game’s next expansion, Endwalker, will release on November 23, 2021. And look, there’s a new trailer and everything.

You can also check out the festival’s first day in its entirety right over here.

A few other details from the event: Endwalker will feature another brand new job, the Reaper, a necromancer-style DPS that uses a scythe and can conjure up undead monstrosities to fight alongside them.

The Reaper will join the new healer class, Sage.

If you’re a Miqo’te or Hrothgar, watch your tails.

Speaking of which, the expansion will also add male Viera, something fans have apparently been asking for since the race was first introduced to FFXIV in Shadowbringers. How about female Hrothgar? They’re also coming by popular demand, says Yoshi P, but not at launch.

Personally, when I first heard about ’em, I was hoping we’d get to play as the Arkasodora Matanga. But alas.