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Grab A Spoon: Here’s A Collection Of Old Nintendo Cereal Commercials

Back in the 1980s, Nintendo was everywhere. Everywhere. You think they’re everywhere now? Yeah, they are — but the 80s felt like they were on another level.

You had Nintendo GamePack cards, McDonald’s toys, at least three brands of Nintendo cereal. Lunchboxes and thermoses. I’ve got a Punch-Out!! trash can somewhere around here. A trash. can.

Speaking of cereal, you can check out a few of their old commercials in the above video.

You’ve got Donkey Kong cereal, Donkey Kong Junior Cereal, and everyone’s favorite Nintendo Cereal System, complete with both Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda cereals.

That’s a lot of cereal.

Nintendo cereal commercial

The Nintendo Cereal System in particular released in 1988, but was only around for about a year. Fun fact: An unopened box resurfaced in 2010, and after 22 bids sold for a little over $200 on eBay. Did the buyer eat the 20-some-year-old cereal?

I haven’t seen any updates about that, so I can only assume the answer is yes.

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