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Hunt for the Loch Ness Monster from the Comfort of Your Own Home

A possible Loch Ness monster sighting

Some monsters are real, or so they say. Apparently, the good old Loch Ness Monster has made a number of appearances in 2020, mostly seen on a live web cam set up so anyone can watch the loch at their leisure.

And who knows? If you watch closely, maybe you, too, will have your own online encounter of the serpentine cryptid kind.

The live streams can be found at the NessieOnTheNet YouTube channel, updated with new streams daily. Or, you can head over to the official website for more info. Both are maintained by Loch Ness Monster researcher Mikko Takala.

“Over the years hundreds of witnesses have come forward with tales of what they have seen in or around the loch. Classic evidence includes stories of upturned boats and serpent-like necks twisting up out of the water.”

Here’s a portion of yesterday’s stream:

See anything? No? Nessie’s a shy lake monster. Or maybe not. Pull up a chair, grab yourself a cup of grog, stare at the screen for a few hours…and you just might see something!

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