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It’s Happening Again: Explore Twin Peaks in Virtual Reality

Who would’ve thought almost 30 years ago that we’d be getting a Twin Peaks virtual reality game?

Above is the trailer for Collider Games’ recently released Twin Peaks VR. Now you, too, can get lost in your own David Lynchian absurdity:

“Twin Peaks VR brings people into the world of Twin Peaks using the immersive technology of VR. Based on the iconic television series created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, players will be able to experience several locations from the show including the Red Room, Glastonbury Grove, Sheriff’s Department, Glass Box Observation and more.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but the game’s jankiness, apparent in the trailer, almost feels appropriate. That floating head thing evokes a kind of 90s-era FMV.

Bob floating around the police station

Reviews on Steam at the time of posting are “Mostly Positive,” with negative reviews pointing toward a game that’s “rough around the edges,” but perhaps still a worthwhile experience for fans of Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks VR is $9.99 and currently available on Steam.

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