Metroid Dread Gets A Little Too Real In New ‘Face the Threat’ Trailer

By (@AtomicLagoon) | Video Games | October 5, 2021 at 11:21 pm

If you had told me, especially earlier this year, that not only would a new Metroid game be coming out in October, but Nintendo would be actively advertising it, I never would have believed you. But here we are.

In this latest trailer for Metroid Dread — titled “Face the Threat” —  an EMMI finds its way into an unsuspecting Metroid fan’s apartment, presumably leading to her untimely end. But don’t worry — I’m sure she’ll respawn by Friday.

As Metroid Dread’s launch date nears, Nintendo has set up a page dedicated to tips for Metroid newcomers, including game controls and ability overviews. Back in the day, you’d find this kind of stuff printed in what they used to call game manuals, which were made of something they used to call paper. I don’t know; it’s been a while.

Nintendo also challenged fans to complete Super Metroid and share screenshots of their completion times with the hashtag #NintendoConquerorsClub.

Not much else to do but wait. Metroid Dread releases this Friday.