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‘Mother 4’ Fan Game Oddity Reveal Trailer

What began as a fan-made sequel to the Mother series has been reconfigured and renamed into its own Oddity.

“ODDITY is a surreal urban fantasy role playing game set in the Seventies. Play as Travis Fields, an ordinary boy who leaves home in a bid to save the world Travis takes to the field armed with a baseball bat and pellet gun… Along with powers he’s only now discovering. It might have something to do with that “Gate” thing that blew up on an impromptu camping trip…”

While the game’s been in development for the better part of a decade, in 2017 the developers announced the switch to an original property, and for now its release date is still to be announced.

“It’ll be out when it’s ready,” says the new trailer.

The gang strikes back in Oddity

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