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NECA Unveils TMNT’s Leonardo As Ygor the Hunchback

Leonardo as Ygor figure

NECA have decided to get a little weird with their TMNT/Universal Monsters crossover figures, this time revealing Leonardo as Ygor the Hunchback.

“Introducing Leonardo as Ygor the Hunchback!” they shared on Twitter, “He’s the brains behind the Monster… and has the jar to prove it.”

Ygor appeared in 1939’s Son of Frankenstein and 1942’s The Ghost of Frankenstein, played by Bela Lugosi. He was known best for, you know, stealing bodies and surviving hangings.

But fun fact: While he most certainly had back problems, the original Ygor didn’t have a hunchback! Although, Daniel in 1944’s The House of Frankenstein did have one, so maybe Leonardo Ygor here is an amalgamation of Frankenstein’s lab assistants.

Nobody can mend Ygor’s neck!

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