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New Bioshock Rumors: “Wes Anderson-like scripted moments”?

Big Sister from Bioshock 2

Job listings for 2K subsidiary Cloud Chamber Studios may provide some insight into what’s in store for the next entry in the Bioshock series. Let’s have a look.

Built in Unreal Engine 4 (for the time being)
Reboot – “New and fantastical world”
Stunning narrative and systems-driven experience
Wes Anderson like scripted cinematic moments
Visually stunning textures and materials for physically-based rendering
Highly reactive “living” world
AAA first person shooter

Oh. Okay.

The above comes courtesy the Bioshock subreddit, though the info was compiled from job listings available at the Cloud Chamber Studios website.

“Cloud Chamber is hard at work on the next entry in the critically acclaimed BioShock series. Our team consists of veteran BioShock developers and expert game makers from other mind-blowing titles, and together we’re going to create worlds that you’ll want to experience.”

You can check out previous rumors over here.

As a big Bioshock fan who’s a bit tepid on the idea of a new game but still curious about how it might turn out (Bioshock 2 was fine, anyway), I’m most interested in “Reboot” and “Wes Anderson like scripted cinematic moments.” If they choose to just start over with a new world and new characters, but with a Bioshock styling, that might end up for the best. And the Wes Anderson thing? Well that just confuses me.

But it is what it is. From the looks of things, the next Bioshock is still a long ways away, so we’ll just have to wait and see what else leaks out.

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