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Animal Crossing’s Halloween Update Is Just Around the Corner

Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch continues to receive free content updates, with the latest arriving September 30. The New Horizons Fall Update will include a whole bunch of new Halloween items, including candy, costumes, and DIY pumpkin recipes.

“Pumpkins are just the beginning of the Halloween-themed festivities coming to your island. With the big day just around the corner, you can start stocking up on candy early. Find your style for Halloween night by purchasing costumes, like a mage’s dress, at the Able Sisters shop during the month of October. You can even procure body paint and colored eye contacts by exchanging Nook Miles. You’ll also be able to learn Halloween DIY projects from your fellow residents. On Halloween night, your neighbors will be getting in the holiday spirit with costumes of their own.”

Jack, the “reigning czar of Halloween,” will also show up on October 31, so you can pretend you’re in your own Tim Burton movie, I guess.

I was kind of hoping we’d get some vampire or werewolf DLC, a la Morrowind. Stalk the townsfolk you don’t like, turn them into vampire thralls, build a castle on a hill. I don’t know.

The trailer also teases the next updates, which will likely include Thanksgiving and Christmas-themed miscellany.

Pumpkin Jack joins Animal Crossing

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