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Play Out A Realistic Alien Encounter in Arma 3 Contact

How would first contact with extraterrestrials really go down?

Would they land on the front lawn of the White House, announcing their presence to the world? Or would our first encounter with aliens be a confusing mess of miscommunication and inevitable war?

In Arma 3’s latest expansion, Contact, a huge ship appears over the country of Livonia, leading to a region-wide blackout as NATO tries to figure out what the alien visitors want with Earth:

“As Specialist Aiden Rudwell, you are a NATO drone operator taking part in a military training exercise on Livonia. When a massive alien vessel enters the atmosphere, you are sent on a reconnaissance mission to investigate the extraterrestrial presence. The priority: to learn who or what they are, and find out why they are here.”

The expansion also includes new terrain, weapons, and vehicles.

Arma 3 Contact is available now on Steam, currently at a 10% discount until August 2, 2019.

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