Viera Voices Leave Some Final Fantasy XIV Players Vexed

By (@AtomicLagoon) | Video Games | June 28, 2019 at 4:22 pm

Shadowbringers, the latest expansion to the popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, finally hit early access today. And yet, more than a few players are reporting something odd about their freshly minted, bunny-eared Viera characters.

Something strange. Something not quite right.

That something? Voice 7.

Feast your ears on the above audio in this sampling of Viera Voice 7’s combat shouts. I’d heard rumblings about this issue in the early hours today, but I was not prepared for what I’ve since witnessed.

// via Reddit

Update: If you’re looking for examples of all the Viera voices so you can make your own giant bunny person with peace of mind, YouTuber McNishy has also uploaded samples of every Viera voice to his channel.