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Save Realms, Make Friends In Tamagotchi-Inspired Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago

Craving some old-school Tamagotchi action? Developer 14 Hours Productions is almost ready to hatch their Tamagotchi-inspired idle RPG Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago, which combines action RPG mechanics with idle pocket elf hero egg raising! And maybe throw a little bit of Dragon Quest in there…

“Your realm is in grave danger! As its Guardian Spirit, the Fairy Queen has tasked you with raising elf heroes to protect the land from the Dark Lord. As danger draws near and the Dark Lord’s minions begin infiltrating the countryside, your heroic elves might be the only creatures who can save this realm.”

An elf hero practices archery An elf hero just kind of hangs out

Players will  raise and train their elf heroes, and help them gain experience, do quests, and fight bosses. As you send them on their way, they’ll adventure and complete quests without your supervision. And if you happen to lose an adventurer? Don’t worry! The Fairy Queen has you covered.

You’ll just, uh, get a new one!

Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago launches March 2024 on Steam, Google Play, iOS, and A demo is currently available on!

An elf hero sits down to eat in Yolk Heroes

What’s A Tamagotchi?

Oh, hey. If you aren’t familiar with Tamagotchi, they were a popular digital pet created by Akihiro Yokoi back in the 90s, and were very popular in their day. They’re still around! Each Tamagotchi is basically a small handheld game in the shape of an egg, usually on a keychain, and the virtual pets appear on a small screen. It’s then up to you to make sure your pet is fed and taken care of. (Let’s not think too long on just how many Tamagotchis are now wasting away in their little plastic digital eggs, lonely and forgotten. I’m sure they’re fine. Everything’s fine.)

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