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Feudal Japan Has Eldritch Problems In Musashi vs Cthulhu

From QUByte Interactive and Cyber Rhino Studios comes Musashi vs Cthulhu, an action game pitting the famous Japanese warrior of legend against everyone’s favorite cosmic entity, Cthulhu.

Yep, there he is!

Musashi vs Cthulhu first released into Early Access in 2020, and currently has positive reviews on Steam. The game features fast-paced swordfighting in feudal Japan against endless monstrosities.

“The ronin is a victim of a terrible curse that makes him a target for unspeakable monsters. In each match, hordes of monsters spawn endlessly and attack until there’s no one standing.”

Gameplay is somewhat unique in that Musashi doesn’t move much, and instead players are tasked with reacting to the oncoming onslaught à la rhythm games, targeting weak points and staying alive as long as possible. Can Cthulhu dance? Probably not, but I’d like to see him try!

Musashi vs Cthulhu will exit Early Access and officially release on May 16, 2024 on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4/5, and Xbox One/Series/X/S.

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