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Godzilla Joins Dave The Diver In Upcoming DLC

Godzilla is everywhere lately!

Along with the announcement that Dave the Diver will be heading to Playstation 4 & 5 in April, Sony and developer Mintrocket have revealed a new upcoming DLC featuring the King of the Monsters, shown in the above trailer emerging from the ocean and making his way toward an unsuspecting sushi restaurant. It happens more often than you think!

Godzilla in Dave the Diver

But what exactly is Godzilla up to, here? Is he hungry? Probably. Will Dave try to capture him? I’m not so sure that’s a good idea! I guess we’ll find out when the DLC releases this May.

Godzilla has recently appeared in Minecraft and GigaBash, so my next question is: When’s the new Godzilla solo game? There’s been such a Godzilla renaissance lately that the lack of a full Monsterverse experience is pretty striking.

Kong had his try last year, which didn’t really go too well, but the crowd is craving some old fashioned Godzilla action. And where the heck is Mothra? Personally, I’m hoping for a 2D fighter à la Kaijuu Daikessen, otherwise known as Godzilla: Monster War. It’s like Mortal Kombat but with kaiju, and it never even released stateside! Now’s the perfect time, Toho!

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