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Atomic Lagoon is a blog dedicated to all things monsters, movies, and video games.

Atomic Lagoon was launched in 2017. Check back for daily updates on monster movies, weird fiction, video games, and other horror and scifi miscellany. If you’d like to reach out, feel free to send an email to rob [at] atomiclagoon.com, or use the contact form. You can also find me on Twitter @AtomicLagoon.

Now, you might be wondering:

Who are you?
I’m Rob. I run Atomic Lagoon. I’m a writer for a few other websites, but really I’m just here to share weird, entertaining stuff, mostly about scifi/horror monsters, cool video games, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I’m also working on a game, but more on that later.

Not yet. Not yet. If you’d like to give feedback or ask questions, for now please use the contact form.