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Lady Dimitrescu Gets Figurine — For Real This Time

Lady Dimitrescu limited figure

What did I tell you? It didn’t take long for Capcom to push out an actual Alcina Dimitrescu figure. The only catch? It’s an extremely limited edition, part of a contest in which only a single figure will ever be made.

But it looks like a good one.

The 1:8 scale figure is made by Gecco Corp, and will also include a certificate of authenticity signed by everyone’s favorite Resident Evil Village Art Director Tomonori Takano. To enter the contest, you’ll just have to follow the Capcom Dev 1 Twitter account, and retweet the following tweet.

You can also find out more over at the contest’s official website. The contest will run from May 21, 2021 to June 13, 2021.

Lady Dimitrescu figurine Figurine from behind

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