[Weekend Wrap-Up] Yoko Taro Muses About Monster Hunter

By (@AtomicLagoon) | Stuff | May 15, 2021 at 10:59 pm

It’s the end of the week, and famed developer and creator of the Nier series Yoko Taro is over on Twitter talking about Monster Hunter. Let’s check in and see what he has to say about how he would’ve handled Monster Hunter Rise (roughly translated):

“The old muscular man dies while acting as a shield during the Hundred Dragons Night Walk, which occurs after the tutorial is over. And that’s because the player made a mistake.

Either the child at the dumpling shop or Hanae-san of Buddy Plaza (Lori?) dies. Those who do not die fall into darkness and set fire to Kamura Village. The chorus disappears from the background music of Buddy Plaza.

Against the final boss, your attacks do nothing at all, but it is possible to make a weapon using the village twins as materials. It is up to the player to decide which twin to make into a weapon. After creating the weapon, the song disappears from the village BGM.

When the main characters leave, the shopkeeper is replaced by a less interesting NPC. The player is gradually alienated from the villagers as “an entity that does harm to Kamura Village.” The supply of items and weapons is also increasingly reduced, and the difficulty increases as a result.

At the highest difficulty, the monsters begin to speak. The “true meaning” of the monsters and Kamura Village is told, and the player learns what it all means.

After completing all the quests, Kamura Village is in ruins and only multiplayer is left. A barren world remains, where players have lost everything and there’s nothing left to do but kill monsters. (roll credits)”

Yep, sounds like a Yoko Taro game! Let’s see what else happened this week.

  • Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida features a realistic velociraptor that growls at guests outside of their newest attraction, the VelociCoaster. “We’ve got real Raptors in the Jurassic World Velocicoaster queue,” they posted on Instagram, “No, you can’t pet them.”
  • Fatal Frame fans will be excited to hear that the series is returning in Japan for its 20th anniversary…as a Pachislot machine!
  • ThreeZero have announced a new Stranger Things 1/6-scale Demogorgon collectable figure. The figure measures about 16 inches tall and sports a fully-articulated body. You can snatch one up via pre-order for only $249, and they’ll ship out later this year.

  • As all things do eventually, Resident Evil Village has received its own PS1-style Demake trailer.

Not bad, but a real Resident Evil demake would be in third person and have tank controls.