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Jurassic Park Horror (Or, Fine, the Fans Will Do It Themselves!)

Jurassic Park T-Rex Looks Through A Window In Found Footage

The original Jurassic Park, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s just a masterstroke of great storytelling, incredible special effects, and that classic John Williams score. Yes, the dinosaurs were fun, the action was intense, but there was also that optimism, a certain feeling the movie was able to capture that I’m not sure any have remotely approached since.

Those moments when John Hammond shared his dream, and that iconic twinkling Jurassic Park theme played, and you couldn’t help but think, “what if it went right?” – while knowing that it was always destined to go wrong.

Of course, the goes wrong part was where the real fun began.

The Jurassic World series, on the other hand, had an okay beginning, but ended up stomping away in a direction I’m not sure anyone expected or desired. It was never going to live up to the original film, no, but as Kate Bush might say: Wow.

However, try as they might, movie studios haven’t yet destroyed the legacy of Jurassic Park, and probably never will. While even the ride at Universal’s Islands of Adventure is apparently in disarray, fans continue to push the envelope of new content, looking back at the original movies and, now, creating stories of their own.

Ignore the locusts; things are actually pretty exciting!

Breathing New Life Into Jurassic Park

First up, YouTuber Ali Awada has been producing some fantastic Jurassic Park horror short films using Blender, the most recent titled “The River.”

While great on its own, this short captures the quiet moments and building tension of the 90s films pretty well, leading to a final confrontation between park technician Peter and the vicious Spinosaurus, who originally appeared in Jurassic Park 3.

Meanwhile, YouTuber Krenautican recently shared “found footage” of the San Diego Incident (the events at the end of The Lost World: Jurassic Park). What would it have been like for a regular person, who suddenly found a Tyrannosaurus Rex strolling through his neighborhood? Let’s just say things play out slightly differently than they did in the film!

Pro tip: If you see a T-Rex outside your window, closing your blinds might not be enough!

While those two channels are giving us some great original creative content, also don’t forget to check out Klayton Fioriti, who’s been covering all sorts of Jurassic Park-related topics for years now. I really like his more documentary-esque videos, such as this one about Jurassic Park: San Diego, in which he makes it feel like Jurassic Park and the events within the films actually happened.

While the recent movies haven’t exactly been my cup of tea, I’m very happy to see Jurassic Park live on through fan projects. It just goes to show, when stories don’t play out the way you’d like them to, try making your own!

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