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NASA Astronomer Spots Godzilla In Space Nebula

Is it Space Godzilla?

Well that’s not a headline I ever thought I’d write!

NASA recently did bit of cosmic cloud spotting, and shared the above image (outline included) of a nebula within the constellation Sagittarius, taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope. And what did they see? The spitting image of Godzilla himself, painted in a cloud of gas and dust.

According to NASA, Catlech astronomer Robert Hurt discovered Godzilla within the nebula, but despite the Halloween season, he wasn’t intentionally “looking for monsters.”

“I just happened to glance at a region of sky that I’ve browsed many times before, but I’d never zoomed in on. Sometimes if you just crop an area differently, it brings out something that you didn’t see before. It was the eyes and mouth that roared ‘Godzilla’ to me.”

Perhaps ironically, however, it isn’t Space Godzilla.

The image over at JPL is interactive, allowing you two swipe left and right to reveal the King of the Monsters’ outline. Give it shot!

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Founder and editor-in-chief of Atomic Lagoon. Spends his time changing aquarium water, feeding cats, and watching old monster movies in 3D.

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