Become A Red Goop Monster In Devolver Digital’s CARRION

By (@AtomicLagoon) | Video Games | June 10, 2019 at 6:36 am

Looks like you’ll finally get the chance to play out your wild mutated Jell-O mold fantasy in Devolver Digital’s upcoming CARRION.

What’s it all about? Well:

“CARRION is a reverse horror game in which you assume the role of an amorphous creature of unknown origin. Stalk and consume those that imprisoned you to spread fear and panic throughout the facility. Grow and evolve as you tear down this prison and acquire more and more devastating abilities on the path to retribution.”

CARRION will release on Steam sometime in 2020.

Oh, and by the way:

Carrion. noun. the decaying flesh of dead animals. That answers that question.