Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Heading to the West May 27

By (@AtomicLagoon) | Video Games | April 2, 2021 at 11:38 pm

Here we have the western launch trailer for Earth Defense Force: World Brothers. The voxel-based monster shoot-’em-up (rated T for BLOOD) will release in the U.S. and Europe on May 27, 2021 for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and on PC through Steam.

The game features over 100 unique soldiers, along with online co-op and hey, what’s that?


From the game’s official website:

“This game takes place in the 3D voxel world, which everything is made up of square pieces. In this world, the Earth is not round but square. And now, this voxel Earth is fallen apart into square pieces, breaking its blocky peace. But whether round or square, the Earth must be the Earth. So now, the player and the “EARTH DEFENSE FORCE” must rise to the occasion and save the day to restore a shattered Voxel Earth to one peace.”

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers originally released in Japan on December 24, 2020.