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[Trailer] Shin Ultraman Brings the Bureaucracy Back Together Again

Here’s a quick teaser trailer for Shin Ultraman. Billed as a reimagining of the original, it looks to put the same bureaucratic twist on the giant robot as we saw given to Godzilla back in 2016.

Shin Ultraman was originally announced in 2019, and is a collaboration between Toho Pictures and Cine Bazar. Fun fact: This particular design of Ultraman is based on a 1983 painting by Tohl Narita titled “Incarnation of Truth, Justice, and Beauty.” Narita was the lead character designer for Ultra Q, Ultraman, and Ultraseven.

2016’s Shin Godzilla is one of my favorite recent kaiju films (more so than what we’ve seen from the MonsterVerse so far), so I’m looking forward to it.

Ultraman 2021 poster

Shin Ultraman is directed by Shinji Higuchi with a screenplay by Hideaki Anno, and is set to release in Japan later this year. In fact, this year is the 55th anniversary of the franchise.

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