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Big News: Resident Evil Village to Feature Tall Vampire Lady

A very tall vampire lady in Resident Evil 8

Capcom recently put out a teaser for their upcoming Resident Evil Showcase on January 21, 2021, and with it came the stark realization that the creepy vampire woman in the big hat is also very, very tall.

I mean, crouch down to get through a doorway tall.

The vampire lady crouches through a doorway

Tall vampire woman looks down at you

Maybe it’s just a really tiny door.

That would probably be a disappointment, though, because the Internet has absolutely blown up in response, with fan art and untold speculation of just how tall this vampire woman really is. Not to mention what her role might be in Resident Evil Village. Is she even really a vampire?

The tall vampire woman and her daughters

Some speculate she may be upwards of 9 feet tall, and possibly even based on a yokai known as Hachisakusama. Hachisakusama (literally Eight Feet Tall) is a spirit of Japanese folklore that appears as a gigantic, impossibly tall female dressed all in white, who hunts children.

This fan art from Twitter user Momiji fits the bill, minus the black dress:

Not much else is known about the tall vampire lady, but perhaps we’ll find out more tomorrow. Hopefully she plays a larger role in the game (pun intended?), and isn’t just a one-off boss encounter.

High angle view of tall vampire lady

Low angle view of tall vampire lady

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