Alcina Dimitrescu: The Tall Lady of Castle Dimitrescu

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Alcina Dimitrescu
Monster Info
Name: Alcina Dimitrescu
Monster Type: Giantess Zombie
Proclivity: Evil
Known From: Resident Evil Village (2021)

Alcina Dimitrescu, also known as the Tall Vampire Lady or Lady Dimitrescu, is a character from Capcom’s Resident Evil Village. She is the mutant noblewoman who inhabits Castle Dimitrescu, overlooking a small and isolated settlement in Eastern Europe.


According to brief notes featured in Resident Evil Village’s Maiden demo, Castle Dimitrescu dates back to at least the 15th Century, and existed long before its current inhabitants. However, Alcina Dimitrescu has lived in the Castle with her so-called “daughters” since as early as the 1950s. One of these daughters, someone who was likely mutated by Dimitrescu, is named Daniela.

A note marked June 23, 1958 mentions wailing at night throughout the Castle, “as if ghosts roam the halls.” Over the years, a number of maidens have been employed there, often running into trouble with the Lady and her daughters, and being sent to the cellar, never to be heard from again.

One managed to document some of the strange occurrences surrounding unusual activity within the Castle’s walls, before attempting to escape.

“The Mistress and her daughters were very adamant that they wouldn’t bite. It was quite peculiar.” – June 9th, 1958

It’s also known that Alcina Dimitrescu is the head of House Dimitrescu, one of four different houses. The others are House Beneviento, House Moreau, and House Heisenberg. The houses and their symbols are featured on a plaque inside the Castle.

Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters

Alcina Dimitrescu reports to a mysterious woman, for now known only as Mother Miranda.


Alcina Dimitrescu appears to be vampiric in nature. One note describes old techniques at the Castle used in the creation of wine. It’s said that Lady Dimitrescu has used this technique to create her own vintage, known as Sanguis Virinis, or Maiden’s Blood:

“Her best vintage is Sanguis Virinis, meaning ‘maiden’s blood.’ It is kept in a special ornate bottle decorated with intricate silver flowers.”

Given the existence of a dungeon, various torture devices, and the fact that several maidens have disappeared over the years, it’s reasonable to assume the key ingredient of Sanguis Virinis is literally maiden’s blood.

Alcina bursts through the door

The player’s first encounter with Alcina comes at the end of the Maiden demo. Throughout the demo, the player sees through the eyes of a maiden attempting to escape the bowels of the castle. At the last moment, when unlocking the final door, Lady Dimitrescu bursts through, towering above the player.

She then comments on how nice it is to finally meet the maiden, then reaches down and grabs her by the throat. The scene finishes with Alcina baring retractable claws from her fingertips with a smile, and stabbing the maiden before the demo fades to black.


“The mistress of the castle that overlooks the village. A towering woman with bewitching looks.” – official character description

Alcina Dimitrescu appears as a pale and incredibly tall woman, wearing a long flowing dress and a wide-brimmed hat, along with a black flower on her chest. Many have speculated about Lady Dimitrescu’s height. Relative to the game world and player, the verdict seems to be that she stands anywhere from eight to nine feet tall.

She and her daughters have lived at the castle since at least the 1950s, and yet look very young, which likely indicates some kind of unnatural anti-aging quality, possibly due to mutations or the use of Sanguis Virinis. One thing that casts doubt on the liklihood of vampirism is that Alcina has a reflection.

Alcina Dimitrescu sits in front of a mirror

Given the appearance of retractable claws, many speculate Lady Dimitrescu is, in fact, a perfected tyrant.

Some believe her design may be based on a creature of Japanese folklore known as Hachishaku-sama, literally Eight Feet Tall. This creature is described as impossibly tall and pale, wearing a white dress.