VegeMonsters: The Vegetable Humanoids from Planet Kalar

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Two VegeMonsters prepare to attack
Monster Info
Name: VegeMonsters (or Vege-Men)
Monster Type: Vegetable Humanoid
Proclivity: Grown to be Evil
Known From: Invasion of the Star Creatures (1962)

The VegeMonsters, also known as Vege-Men, are bizarre humanoid vegetable creatures from the science fiction B-movie Invasion of the Star Creatures (1962). Grown in soil taken from the Star Creatures’ home planet of Kalar (or Chalar), they exist only to serve their two mistresses, Professor Tanga and Dr. Puna.


The origin of the VegeMonsters was only briefly described by Professor Tanga as she gave her two captives, Privates Penn and Phillbrick, a tour of her hidden facility at the Nicholson Mesa.

The VegeMonsters, she explained, had once grown wild on their home world, the planet Kalar, and threatened to take over everything. However, the Star Creatures hunted and destroyed their leaders, and confined the growth of the VegeMonsters to their own pastures.


VegeMonsters being grown in pots

Far from home, the VegeMonsters on Earth live a somewhat depressing existence within the confines of the Star Creatures’ hidden cavern facility at the Nicholson Mesa. Grown in pots, they are removed from the soil when matured, and spend the rest of their lives performing menial labor. They cannot speak, but communicate telepathically. As such, they are given orders both via thought and verbal communication.

They say on our world we have a three-phase society. The men are the warriors, the women are the technicals. The, uh, Vege-Men are the slaves.” – Dr. Puna

Their relationship to the Star Creatures (in this case Professor Tanga and Dr. Puna) is that of slaves. Their mistresses have no problem disintegrating them as a simple demonstration for their guests. After all, more Vege-Men are always being grown in their pots.

Mature VegeMonsters are possibly radioactive, very strong, and nearly indestructible, though they have relatively short lifespans. Their Frankenstein’s-monster-esque gait means they’re also easily evaded and tricked.


A Vege-Man wields a large stick

VegeMonsters start out similar in appearance to an average house plant. However, as they grow, body parts begin to form — human-like hands or feet may protrude from their pots during the growing process.

Once fully mature, VegeMonsters are generally “male” in physical appearance, but “definitely not man.” Like their mistresses, they stand about 7 feet tall, with skin made of woody tissue similar to tree bark. Their heads are wide and triangular, with two large, white eyes at either side. Leaves and other outcroppings spring from their tops and appendages.

Overall, their bodies resemble humanoid carrots.

In one DVD release of Invasion of the Star Creatures, an official description of the Vege-Men states that their costumes were made “out of stockings, burlap bags and Ping-Pong balls (for eyes).”