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Watch: The Original Jurassic Park: The Ride Circa 1997

A happy animatronic brontosaurus

The Jurassic World ride over at Universal Studios Hollywood is opening back up after some refurbishments. But you know, that’s just got me thinking about the original original Jurassic Park ride, back when it first opened in the mid-90s.

I did a quick search and someone managed to upload the E! Live Premiere Special from June 15, 1996. That was kind of a big deal. I mean, it had a special and everything. David Hasselhoff showed up, as well as Steven Spielberg, Jeff Goldblum, and some of the other cast.

How about the ride itself? Check out this footage fresh out of 1997, courtesy InsideUniversal. I just can’t get enough of these old theme park videos!

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